Kuttan Chronicles!!

The people who know me.. know Kuttan as well!! He is the Love of my Life!! The one I would choose to be with if I am ever marooned on an island somewhere... or when the world is coming to an end (which might be on the 21st of December.. so everyone's invited to my-yappy-dappy-budday-cum-end-of-the-world-bash in Bangalore!! :D) Kuttan is the sweetest, most adorable being on this Earth!!

My cousins had brought Kuttan home.(They, God bless them, are not vulnerable to the genetic strain that renders my Fabulous Family prone to fur-allergies!!) And they'd been wanting a pet.. FOREVER. So, Enter Kuttan, an adorable, barely a week-old stray pup.

He came, We saw (his Puppy-Dog expression.. pun intended), He conquered. And thats all it took.

And here's how I got to know him and love him.. and have him love me back.....
My Uncle and his family had to go to Kerala for a vacation, about 10 days after they brought Kuttan home. They could not have taken him with them.. he was too young to travel... so they asked us to care of him for about a month... which eventually turned out to be two... 

And so they got him to our house one evening. He was sleeping, the little thing had just learnt how to open his eyes.... It was the most beautiful sight ever, watching him lay there in the arms of my sister, all curled up and breathing slowly..... I will never forget the first time I held him in my arms, trying not to wake him up... marveling at the miracle that he was... quivering slightly at the 'foreign' touch. 

And from then on, it was sheer bliss. Watching him eat his first solid meal, hearing him bark for the first time, knowing from his slightest whimpers that he wanted to go 'do his business'... It was an experience that can never be replaced. 

I loved our times together.... having him wake me up in the morning at 6 (stupid mutt, he had no idea how holidays work!!!), taking him out for his morning run (ya.. b'coz he never "simply" walked... he ran... and more often than not, wanted me to run after him), playing with him in the park, making him drink his milk..... Summer mornings had never been so much fun in a loooong time....

And the most fun part of the day would be----- BATH TIME!!! I had to sit with him on the floor of our balcony, with a bucket of water and bathe him... a cupped-hand full of water at a time, rinsing him up and then cleaning it off with water, and finally drying him up. by the end of it he would be shivering his head off (Mind you, this was peak-reaching-50degrees-hot-summertime). I would wrap him in his towel and hold him close to me for ten minutes till he stopped shivering... all the while he would be trying to snuggle into the side of my neck....

I taught him to play fetch.. and not the plain-old Fetch.. Our new and improved version of it. I had this oooold coloured plastic ring that I would throw and Kuttan would fetch it in his mouth.. Now the twist here is that the game (actually, Kuttan) required me to sit down when I threw the ring.... why.. because once he caught the ring, he would run at me (full-speed, God Save Me) and jump onto my lap and start biting on the ring. And it happened everytime!!! I was curious once... what'll he do if I get up?? So I tried that... and the little mutt starting nibbling at my ankles.. like he was threatening me into sitting.. and I did.. so he jumped back onto my lap and the World was a happy place again!! ;)

Kuttan loves unconditionally..... and what else can you ask for in this world than pure, unadulterated, no-questions-asked, acceptance???? I cried when he left for my Uncle's place. The next time I saw him was after 6 months. 

And that meeting etched his place in my heart forever. 

The moment I walked into the house... Kuttan came running from nowhere and jumped at me... licked my feet.. bit my fingers... trailed me around the house and wagged his cute curly tail... all this went on for an hour... as if he was welcoming me back.. into his life.... And (I'm told) he sulked for two hours after I left... I've never known anyone who would sulk about just because I left.....

I've fed him, cleaned after him, played with him, nursed his wounds, cheered him on his many 'firsts', proudly shown him off to the world, laughed because of him, and cried for him. He is no less than my own child. My First-born. My first love. It is difficult to think he's not around me everyday.... But not a day passes without a single thought about him. 

And the best part is, He probably knows that!!!


  1. Aww, this is so much better than all the corny love stories they're trying to sell these days! <3

  2. Glad to know u aint as Anti-Social as I perceived u to be!...Someone Sulks when you leave! Thats a Start! :P

    and yeah, Al wud continue the Mutt-Love Story ...Someday! :D


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