Hmm... You're Next!

It is that time in your life now when people around you are getting married Left, Right and Centre... And as much as you enjoy wreaking havoc at their weddings, there is that One inevitable question that comes your way... [Not ''Beta... Have you eaten anything??'' No!! No one asks me that. Hmph!!] No, its what all aunties and uncles will come up to you with, irrespective of how well they know you....

''Hmm.... When are You getting married eh?''

Now the usual response to this question is a shy, demure ''No Aunty/Uncle... *embarrassed giggle*... I still have a lot of time to go... Studies.. blah.. job.. blah.. Career.. blah blah blah''. But the incessant Aunties and Uncles will not leave your side until they have embarrassed the living daylights out of you... or until the food section opens up!!
So what is the way to escape from such tight spots, for once and for all?? 
Ditch the coyness, I say... 
Next time Aunties/Uncles come and try to play spoilers while you're happily dancing away to ''Chhamak Chhalo'', just stand right next to them and go, ''Arre Aunty/Uncle!! You should start looking! I`m ready to get married the moment you find a groom!!'' Sure shot conversation-ender, if ever there was any!!

Not only do the Aunties/Uncles look extremely flushed, they also make sure never to bring up the same point again.. Ever.
True Story.
And even if they take your words a tad too seriously, you still have nothing to lose, do you?? They will do all the work of finding you a groom and everything, while you sit and laze around... taking in the antics of the ever-funny world! 

Its a win-win deal, I tell you!! :D


  1. wanna be my chhamak challo?? :P
    .. i like!

  2. I have already started giving replies like that... :D :D It really works... Absolutely true.... :D :D

  3. And now, "Wanna be my chammak challo?? " :D :D :D

  4. hey, it seems that theres a sale for guys, get them before they're gone :)

    btw, dont get me started with marriage n all that, first see how it is for miz n su, make them beta test it, n then make an informed decision :P

    ur gonna kill me, rite ??

  5. Mij and Su are having the time of their life! So Beta test seems to have given a positive result! next? :P

  6. :D :D See?? Nothing wrong with getting married, eh??!! Go *Mij-n-Su*!!


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