Herein the Gods reside??!!

If you ask me about my hometown... I'd say Delhi. I am what you would call (oh wait, I call myself that) a true-blue Delhiite!!! And I am proud to be one.... I might crib about the traffic.. and the loud people and the disgusting, weird and twisted civic sense that people display.. But its still home... And always will be.. even 50 years down the lane, when I would be a sad old matron, giving my friend company at some God-forsaken yet scenic solitary house atop the hills of Mussorie, Delhi will be Home.... and thats why it bothers me!

The way things are going right now, no woman could ever call Delhi her home. If you are a woman/girl/old lady/baby girl/anyone-who-has-their-balls-placed-differently, you will be molested/groped/kidnapped/gang-raped/murdered! You will not be able to leave the confines of your house and go for work/college/night-clubs/hangout-with-friends/evening-walks/morning-walks/walk-to-the-rickshaw-stand/eat-out-after-2-pm-in-the-afternoon! And why? Because some or the other testosterone-laden jerk will come along and make you regret the Renaissance.. the Dark Ages would have been much better. 

Here we have a City of men who wouldn't think twice before groping a girl the age of their daughter- in broad daylight; men who would bump into you in a drunken stupor because they know no one would stand up and raise a voice; men who would come and throw acid at you because you turned down their "genuine" proposal of love!
And we also have a Chief Minister who, in keeping with the traditions of the afore-mentioned Dark Ages, believes that girls should not be out of their homes at night and if they are, they're just inviting trouble. Thanks for that word of encouragement there!!

Tell me, what good does it do me if you go on record saying that Delhi is unsafe for women and leave it at that? Are we preparing for a kids' G.K exam where knowing the 'facts and numbers' is enough to pass with flying colours?
It is empowering to be a woman in Delhi. It is empowering to be an object for men to toy with, in the National Capital of the country. 

And who's to blame? The woman who stands there and takes the nonsense and gives these jerks the license to get away with murder.... Literally!


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