The Full Circle

How simply does life teach you its lessons, right? It is amazing to see how chance happenings change the course of your thought, your experience and your opinions…. You complain and crib about things and then one fine day, you realize what you will miss….. I know I have some great experiences to boast about this past month…. Experiences so fulfilling as no other in the world. 
In April, I was asked if I could take up the post of a psychology teacher at a school for a short period. My first thought was 'Gosh, Me?? Teach?? 11th and 12th?? Will they ever accept a pint-sized newbie as their teacher'?? And then my answer…. "Yes, I'll do it…. How bad can it be, right??" And they called me for demo classes…. And just like that, I was in.

I might not remember my first day as a school student, but my first day as a school teacher will be etched in my memory for life. The day I walked into the class and the kids stood up to wish me was a thrill unsurpassed by anything in the world. And it has been a fantastic journey from then on. I taught them their lessons…. And I revised mine…. I cleared their doubts… and solidified my concepts….. I scored their papers… and realized how teachers mark us in examinations……
I have to say, I lived every childhood fantasy of mine… setting question papers, checking them and marking answers, signing answer sheets and the best one of all, sitting on the desk (for want of better seating arrangements) while teaching the chapters.

As I sit here and type this, I have in front of me the Farewell card that the 12thies made today….. Replete with a poem and signed messages and a chocolate cake ;). To every one of you…. Great Big Thanks!!!! You all made this experience worthwhile. I have newfound respect for my own teachers… all my years of being a back-bencher and it's only now that I realize what a nuisance we were!!! :D
To all the back-benchers in my class, I have enjoyed your banter quite a lot… I was also annoyed to no extent, but that's a part of the game, right?? The Singers and the Devotees, you know who you are and you will be missed…..

The girls who made the effort to get to know me better and in turn let me know more about them…. Thanks :D. Our cosy little gossip-sessions were a treat and when you asked me for ideas for a career, in psychology or otherwise, I felt valued and resourceful.

To the 11 std students who taught me how to make revision classes fun…. Yo'all are a nice bunch of kids and I wish you all the best in life…..

To every single one of you…….. what would otherwise be a very dry time, this one month became absolutely memorable for me…. And all credit goes to you guys….

Life does come a full circle….. and its a good thing it does!!!


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