Birthday Blasts!!!!

Birthdays turn me into a 7-year old on a caffeine high!!! I love birthdays... I really do!!! And not just My birthday... I love Birthdays in general...... I love creating a hype around it.... The hullabaloo.. The energy.. I love it all!!!! 

Quite obviously.. one's birthday is the high point of the year, no?? Even if you have nothing too great to look forward to.. you still have your birthday.. You'll Always have your birthday.. The one day you can get away with Murder!!! ;)

The gifts.. The Cake(s)... The parties... and most of all.. the build-up to D-Day!!! Oh sorry.. The B-Day!! :D

And I had this annoying habit of calling my birthday by a special name every year... When I was 19, it was called 'Unnees-Bees' because I turned Nineteen on the 20th!! (Lame?? You have no Idea whats coming next!!!)
The next year was called 'Twenty-20'.. yessss Exactly why!!!! 
The Next one was.... 'Two One's are Twenty One'. (And yes, I took a lot of crap already because people thought I had miserable mathematical abilities.. :P Screw you I say!!)
And last year.......... I could not find a suitable-and-funny-enough phrase for my birthday.. :( So it went unnamed.... *Sigh*....

So do you see the amount of mental effort that goes into birthdays??? 

I adore every aspect of others' and my birthday!! From specialized gifts, handmade cards, photo-collages to yearned-for books, and blind dates and Birthday poems(Vaishu, you still remain the undisputed Mistress of the Birthday Limericks)...... A birthday is the most special day of your life... and it ought to be made one......

After all.. You are only young once, but you can be immature for a lifetime....... 

P.S: Through this post, I declare my undying Love and Affection for all those who have made birthdays an unforgettable part of my life. And helped me do the same for them. Here's to ever-inflating Birthday Madness!!!! 


  1. this the beginning of the Twanty Three frenzy?? :D It's awesome to have someone who's so excited about birthdays!! For someone who's been conditioned to not celebrate her birthday (thanks to exams yada yada), it's so cool to see the enthusiasm!! :D

    and yes, you will get an awesome poem on your budday this year too!! :D

  2. i think more than my birthdays i will remember yours :). its good to see someone as excited for their birthdays as u are. can't wait for the 23rd. won't miss it for the world

    PS: u never told me you started writing a blog? why didn't you tell me before?

  3. arre... of course I told you.. I've been going on and on and on about it for months now....
    Ab to tumhe pata chal gaya na.... And 23rd will definitely be fun!!!! Its One day before the end of the world ya!!! One hell of a party it will be... :D


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