Love is your Colour

''How would you know? You haven't even been in love before'', he said. I had no retort. He's right, I believed. But the more I thought about it, the less convinced I was. Was it true? Haven't I been in Love? Depends on how you would define love...

I have loved with all my heart, a handful of people... My Glove- all Six of them [Al, Indu, Mij, Sneha, Mash and Vaish]. Well, Seven if you include me, narcissistic that I am :). I have loved them more than anything in the world. It might not be a romantic kind, but there was a certain Romance to it. My gal brigade from the grad days, Shutti n Rashi :). Astha... the bestest friend I could have asked for...I have loved them very much. 

My Kuttan, my joy. Every time I see him, I am filled with an overpowering sense of love. Unconditionally... I love him. 

My family... whose pride and joy I am [:D]. There's bitter-sweet love there.

But I'm sure this wasn't the kind of love he meant, when a friend and I got around to talking about it. 

Romantic Love... Do I believe in it? Do I believe in Eternal-Forever-Love? Of course, I do. I thrive on it. I dream of it. I adore the idea. I run around singing love songs. I'm a sucker for fairy tales... I believe they do come true. I have seen my friends have their fairy-tale romances. 
But will I ever have it? Ahh, now That is the question. 

I would speculate on that and say 'No'. I couldn't possibly have a fairy tale romance. Why? Because I am the kind who has even a crush on someone only once in every ten years. That's why.  :D

I don't know if that is because I think too much?? Or too little perhaps. Am I tactless... or obsessive? I don't know...

People usually make a big fuss when they fall in love. I, on the other hand, was elated over a Crush. It was big deal, Ok?! I was glad I would not have to go through life with just One crush to boast about. So I am thankful it happened :) [so were my friends.... but mostly they were relieved :D]
First, the quick blush of happiness, the beating wings of excitement. Then the frown and the averted eyes... But this is a roller-coaster ride I should have been booked on long before... ;)

This new-found sentiment has already done me a world of good. I realize what heartbreak is when a friend talks about it... I appreciate the fact that I am not alone in feeling what I feel, because I can talk to someone who is as DysLoveSick as me :). And I kid you not, I really believe I can emote better now, onstage while dancing, the expressions which were till now hearsay. 

:) All this... just because I have a crush? Haha, I hear ya. 
But I'm sure, when I do fall head-over-heels in love, it would be a carnival of ideals, dreams and discovery....

I just got to find my Prince Charming/Circus Clown, who would race me to the Moon and back!! 


  1. Seriously Aishuma, your blogposts just make me want to reply thorough my own writings. Very very thought sharing subjects you bring out. Loved it.

    P.S.: I love you! ;) :)

  2. :) Haha Thaengs Nishath... Glad to know I make you think :D

  3. emousunful you are glad this happened man..."you know why!..." <3

  4. I glove you. you are my sunshine and every other type of shine in my life. <3. thank you

  5. Shutti... I know right. And I know just how glad you are.. I believe you were one step away from giving me a card that said "Congrats! Its a Boy! Thank God." :D

    Sneha... I Glove you! `Nuf said. <3


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