Where the heart is...

18 years.... Eighteen years is the time I lived in the same house in Delhi. We moved there when I was 3... And I remember the first time I saw the house that was to be my home for the next (almost) two decades... My parents bought me a pack of Fun Flips (The Best Snack ever! Its a shame they don't have them anymore...What do kids eat these days??)! 

So ya... eighteen years in the same neighbourhood... I went to the same school from Nursery to 12th... The same set of friends around me for fourteen years... So you cant really blame me for disliking change of routine.. of any kind.. I'm happy with familiarity. Its a snugly comfort that comes with it... And I'm OK with that... 

But then, change happens. And boy does it change your world!!?!!

We moved. Into a new house... A new neighbourhood... A new set of friends in college... Travelling all over the country and beyond... And I realized. I don't like being in one place for long. Not anymore. I like moving around a bit.. As long as there is a home I can come back to, I'd rather roam around the world... 

Its a revelation. Seeing how restless I am in the city that has been the only home I've known... And I want to move away.. To a different place. A different city. With new people and new languages. Where nothing is like anything I've known before!

I want be lost in a city.. Not know my way around neighbourhoods... Discover hidden shortcuts to where I want to go... I want to sit in a bus Not knowing where all it goes... I want to have trouble communicating with people because they don't speak my language...

Home is where the heart is... 

And my heart is on roaming right now!! 


  1. Haha!! New language? You may want to re-think that. I *got lost* in Hyderabad knowing only one sentence in Telugu - "I will throw stones on you". Not the most polite thing to say while asking for directions! :D

    But yeah,so what if the heart isn't roaming now? Doesn't stop the mind, does it? :)

  2. Ha same here. There is nothing better than travelling, seriously. Except weed. And scotch. Now put those three together. And women. Okay those four.

    Oh man, I remember fun flips! They don't have them anymore? They were the BEST snack ever. Period.

  3. Vaish- :D I can somehow picture you saying that vonly to an unsuspecting stranger in Hyderabad... Add to that my Helmet-Idea, n we have a sure-shot winner!! Imagine! How much fun will that be no?? :D :D ROFL!!

    Abhilash- The Best Ever. Right?? :-/ When I was in 1st Std, the only reason I studied well before exams was because my mother promised to buy me a big pack of Fun Flips if I came first in class!! (Ya.. My folks are That weird!) People tell me that we still get it here.. I dont see them though!! Ooo.. Fun Flips and Crax!! :D That was awesomeness!


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