The Boy-Girl Thing

I have an idea that would revolutionize relationships as they are today... Its a super brilliant thing too! I wonder why it doesn't happen like that in real life. It would save us so many heartbreaks... 

Gender Neutrality or rather a Select-at-will kinda option! That will spell the end of all our Lau-woes... 
We've all been through the "I wish you were a boy.. I would totally ask you out" routine... We all have that One person in our lives who has absolutely everything going for them when it comes to compatibility and whatnot... Except of course... the biological makeup. 

If only it could work out in such a way that we all could be of a neutral sex till the time we decide that we've found The One. And then we choose whether to be a girl or a boy basis that. 

That would be completely awesome! Select your gender.. When you want.. Whatever you want... 

Aah.. If only! 


  1. Hahahahaha!!! totally!! you know i think i've read a novel based on this concept....cant remember the name...i'll tell you when i should read it!!!!!

  2. Oooo really?? Brillyaance!! Tellz tellz.. :D

  3. I think the idea isn't bad, save for it being rather myopic. Apart from the biological implications of being of a neutral gender - I would assume the closest parallel is that of a eunuch - the hopeless romanticism of waiting till the right person happens to come along is too indefinite, and too vague and subjective. Rock-solid camaraderies crumble, life-long lovers part ways. Who's to say what's 'right' is necessarily what will last?

    I'd reckon, embrace the differences in the biological makeup; there might be several facets you could still discover that you haven't already, simply because of the basic premise that societal norms preemptively brainwash those more willing into what's acceptable and what's not. Simply put - maybe you're so close and compatible with a girl, because society (and you, perhaps?) allow a greater level of interaction, both in terms of time and intimacy.

    The same society, that has come to accept homosexuality as a personal choice, albeit grudgingly. Try that, if all else fails. ;)


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