Some day in the future, you'll write a love story..
and look around for inspiration...
I'll say look no further...I have a story here,
that'll warm your heart..
Make you smile..
A story that spans boundaries....
Real or virtual
Where these lovers met..
under particularly benign Stars...

They spoke in whispers...they spoke in hushed tones...
they spoke in silences...
which said a thousand words!
A day, a time, a minute of Love...
A moment, an hour, a Lifetime of Love
Flowers and cakes and cards they sent..
Chocolates and gifts in abundance...

He became.. 
the Knight in Shining Armour
She was..
the Damsel in Distress...
What ensued here is a Love of epic proportions...
one to put Scarlett and Rhett to shame!!

Today, you say, he got engaged..
Today, you say, she was betrothed...
I'll tell you these hearts were, but
slaves to no ceremonies..
They were given away long before to the other..
I'm glad we have..
a Love like theirs around..
To love, to learn,
to idolize...
and most of all.. to cherish!

And Michael Bolton did get it right....
Once in a Lifetime... 
You find the one you really love
From now and forever...
One Love that never ends!!

Mizaj and Suhail..... We're all very glad that you found yours... May the thrill of a love like yours last beyond lifetimes. 

Mij- You're gonna make a beautiful bride!!! You're everything good already!! :)
And Suhailkka- Thanks a lot for the impossibly high standards you've set for the guy(s) in our lives to live up to.. :P 

Here's wishing you two a dream journey ahead... Full of fun, frolic and ever-lasting Love! 

The Glove!


  1. i love it. well done aish:)
    congratulations mij and suhail. you deserve all the happiness in this world. god bless you.

  2. Well written Aish, completely worth risking the read in office!
    All wishes to Mj and Suhail-ikka will be given in person! Can't wait! :)

  3. How does one win a girl's heart?
    Can he do so, staying miles apart?
    It takes charm, wit and dedication
    To make that everlasting connection.

    It took one heart to make the other flutter
    It took one 'yes' to turn him to our butter
    Like a dream, for one of our Glove's seven
    She found her match that was made in heaven.

    Congratulations Mij and Butter-in-law! :)

    And Aish! Brilliant job! :) Everytime I read this, I picture grand music and a gentle breeze changing the atmosphere! :D

  4. The POYUMISTS seem to be on a roll here!!..thanks Glove..:)


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