Let there be Light

This Brilliant piece of work (see?? There's that Ego-Massage again!!) was created by me and a dear friend, Nishath Nizar. The italicized  portions are his compositions..... Nish- We should do this more often ya!! :D

The leaves of memory seemed to make 
A mournful rustling in the dark..

 i wish the sun came out at night
of the darkness that frightens me
would creep away ashamed and silent

The barren branches and the boughs
stark reminders of the wind that blows...
the solitude that once was a blessing
is now a haunting.......

 i wish everyday was different
my melancholy would end
in the abrupt moment of time

 for what solace lies in monotony
the end in sight as definite as it can be..
for once the light breaches the cloud...
and forever shall darkness secede...

 i wish everyone was different
all the people i've known until
had just love in their hearts

try as you might..
the shards of time will pierce
the glorious day when disappears
into the sunset mists....

 i wish the sea was calm
the troubles it cause,
the miseries and woes end it all

and the ripples fade into naught
the tide sweep away all thought
leave behind a single pearl of love
in abundance it shall be brought.....


  1. The ante-darkness. The plus to my negative. The calm after the storm. Brilliant lady. :)


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