Glove's Seven Wonders!!

I am unbelievably energetic and excited this time of the year.... The Budday is just around the corner.. and I find sadistic pleasure in running around and shouting about it till the time everyone gets really annoyed... or they think I am super adorable for doing that... either of the two!!! [Invariably the former. The latter only exists in my head... Its a form of ego-massage :D]
So this year... I am trying to gather as much enthusiasm about the Budday as I can. But it seems a bit difficult. This is the first Budday after the Glove went their separate ways. And I miss them. I miss their Buddays.... and most of all, I miss them at mine. 
So this is a good time to introduce to the blog-reading world [the rest of them will get to know the Glove when I become a famous artist, a few years down the line... You. Stop Snorting. Hmph!!] the Motley Gang called the Glove. 
Why are we called the Glove? Because of our weird fascination for gloves... attested by the fact that the first shopping spree that the group went on, was to buy gloves from Connaught Place. :D

And so anti-clockwise from bottom left, we have our very own.... 
Vaish-Kavi: the Purple Glove.
Vaish is the queen of limericks. She has inspired us to 'Rhyme in Time'. None of our buddays would ever feel complete without a Budday Poem from her.. which is now a tradition. She will divert attention away from your misery with a 'You know what happened to me that one time....' story. And before you know it,  you'll be in splits about her clumsy, adorable ways. This girl Luuurves purple and despite the fact that we have tried way too hard to infuse more colours into her wardrobe, the Purple Haze refuses to fade. [I know one other person in life with a similar Purple Fetish.. more on her later.. and I wonder... Why do I attract all the purpleness??] So Vaishu is the chammath-Iyengar girl who could give Me a run for my money when it comes to awesomeness :)
Mash: the Subtle Glove.
Mahasweta, with her never ending name... and her endearing ways. And her superb, flawless, jealousy-inducing skin..... and her World Famous Subtlety. This girl is as conspicuous as she is beautiful. :D Case in point- The Republic Day Parade Adventure. Mash saw the PM's motorcade, noticed him waving at the crowd and said, ''Look!! Someone is waving at us from inside the car there... Who is that?? The President??'' :D Ya Mash.. Thats right ;). She is the anchor that keeps the craziness from overflowing... and then contributes to it as well. Mashu, You are also the first person to put the Glove Litmus Test to good use... Cheers!!
Sneha: the Mommy Glove.
The army kid. Forever and for always... :) Sneha makes us keep our time commitments. And she makes us walk faster when we have to reach somewhere. In her trademark swing-arms-walk-fast style, she keeps us all on a war-footing when our ''oohh.. lets sleep for five more minutes'' morning-phase kicks in. Be it deep reflections about the direction our lives were taking... or the Gossip session in the canteen everyday... Mommy would drive the conversation with panache. Taking care of us is just one of the many things she does perfectly... And now to wait for your very own 'Captain Arvind from Landsdowne'. I'm sure he must be there somewhere... We'll find him, for sure. 
Alika: the Self-Engrossed Glove.
Alika-->Al-->Aloo-->Potato-->Potate. Occasionally known as Kartoffel. This one is as self-engrossed as they make `em. Brooding over the state of her hair... or the constant plucking of eyebrows [btw, a hundred generations of eyebrow hair would die every time you even Thought of plucking them :D], Al is a preening peacock. The fact that she is extremely pretty does not help her cause much!! A constant source of witty one-liners and fodder-for-thought in those gossip sessions in the canteen... Al has the dirt on everyone. And she ain't afraid to play it to our advantage. Oh Potate!! If it weren't for you, Muttley would never have come into our lives... And neither would we have had our Glove Night!! With the Dresses and the Drinks, you make us wanna go beyond our MaSpriCo concoction! ;)
Miju: the Perfect-Picture Glove.
The Glove that beat us all in the race to the altar!! [We were not racing, mind you!! it was the parents.. its always the parents!!] Mizaj is the lucky Damsel who got her Knight... And before she was 'domesticated' thus [excuse the pun, Mij], this one drove the craziness off the charts. Whether it was staying back at your place after college... or the Onam-in-the-middle-of-Ramzan-feast... the Republic Day Fiasco... the ruminations by Walter's kitchen window... or teaching me how to waltz at a German train station, I have spent some wonderful moments with you... Some of the best Glove Pictures have been clicked by her. And now that she will be 'Kilomeeterrs and Kilomeeterrs' away from us, we don't know how we will keep up the 'aah, so photogenic' charade. Thanks for getting us our very own Butter-in-law... Surely the 'Chaman Band' will wreak havoc at your wedding!! Ai Shappath!! :D
Indutty: the Lost Glove.
Indu is the Glove version of a Haley's Comet. She comes like a brilliant flash in the sky... and then keeps us waiting for a Lifetime for us to see her again, in the virtual world of course. ;) Indu has the patience of a saint, and the grace of a swan. Waah... what praise, I tell you!! She will indulge your crazy urge to break into a 'Bole chudiyaa' jig in the middle of the road and not care about the creepy onlookers whom we would invariably attract :D. And give you company when you want to launch into a massive Eating Spree, irrespective of whether it is sambhar-avial or Paella!! Indutty is also getting hitched now... so that's another one biting the marital dust!! But this is one uber-chic chick you would want by your side, when you suddenly decide to walk all the way from the market back to the Mess at midnight.. and creepies following the Gang in a 'Jhintaak' jeep!! Because she could kick the crap out of them?? No!! But she could turn the nightmare... into a Laugh Riot!! What more can you ask for in life, huh?? :D

And I am the final piece of the puzzle.... the Seventh Glove. This gang of gal-pals is the love of my life... They've figured prominently in every significant life-stage development in the past two years.... and will continue to do so, till the end of time. Or December 21st, 2012... whichever comes later!! ;) :D

<3 <3


  1. Oooh! The walking back to the Mess at Midnight with the Jhintak Jeep following was the Sameer incident in Agra, right?? :D Sigh, what a man. They don't make 'em like that no more. ;)

  2. I would be interested in meeting this Kartoffel.


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